Can We Talk Raw Wisdom

Raw is exactly who you need when working through the up’s and downs of relationship. She has a talent for listening both sides and pulling out the common needs of each party and translating them in a way that is received well on both ends.
Lauren Brown
" I’ve been working with Raw for a few years now in many different aspects of my life. I can truly say that my outcome has been a positive and productive one. Whether it be financially, business and or relationships she has given me advice that has brought me success in all aspects of life. Raw’s talent for empowering individuals to demand their true happiness and never allow a closed door discourage you but let it make you more determined has given me a strength I never realized I had in me".
" I loved the value of your counseling and where we as couples fit and as hard as it was to accept, it certainly helped realize that we have different value systems and that we are together to balance it out. I found the counseling very valuable in dealing and understanding my husband and how we work together. It’s not always easy to see why we argue but after the counseling, I now can see it clearly and that it’s ok. Doing counseling has created a connection, and understanding of myself and my husband that I had no idea I could discover. It opened our hearts and our communication channels. I feel a balance to my life and an acceptance of myself and my husband. I feel more comfortable expressing to him than I have in a long time, and it’s truly reviving our soul’s desires. The most interesting and beneficial for us was the love languages and languages of apology. This was proven to be very accurate and it has already positively impacted our relationship. You were very open and easy to get along with and therefore we found it easy to share our feelings in front of you and you encouraged us and guided us when we needed it. We were very nervous going into it due to the negative experience that we previously had with counseling, but you structured it well and you made us feel as ease. We really loved how you were so open and easy going. We really enjoyed the down to earth structure that you provided. The experience was of value to us and we have already started to see how it has positively impacted our relationship. You are truly good at what you do and it is great to see the amount of passion that you have. Thanks for your wisdom and directness and it’s a pleasure having you as a facilitator. We really enjoyed every moment – thank you for your time and for teaching us new tools. We’ll definitely make use of them now, and in our marriage. I definitely recommend your counseling services to as many people as possible. I highly recommend every couple to invest in their relationships, as it will provide invaluable insight on how to deal and accept each other and how you have chosen each other to balance your relationship. We greatly appreciate you and Thank you for your WONDERFUL Gift."
Stacy Nelson
" I highly recommend Raw Wisdom as a life coach and as a couple’s coach. My fiancé and I went to Raw for couples coaching. Raw is a good listener and understood how to guide us in the right direction. She gave us tools for now and the future. She taught us how to communicate so we could fix the problems ourselves. She helped us find greater fulfillment in our personal relationships as well as within ourselves. We learned where we needed to make adjustments and improvements. I was worried at first about sharing our personal business, but it was easier than I thought. I feel like the tools given to us were great! My fiancé and I communicate better and listen to each other with more focus. "
"I met Raw shortly after a terrible breakup, with her help, I was able to turn my life around. Her genuine yet direct approach, in addition to coaching skills allowed me to feel confident again. Raw not only guided me but helped to formulate a plan that was easy to follow; during this process she offered her support when needed. Raw is focused, optimistic and has a wealth of knowledge and years of experience under her built. My life has changed for the better because of Raw Wisdom."
Dixeanne Chapman
" I have talk with Raw Wisdom about personal problems as far as job situations and relationships. Through her own personal experiences and relationship she takes time to listen, ask questions and time to explain. I have attended a few of Raw Wisdom events and I have also chimed in on her weekly Podcast. Which are very informative and you also can weigh in on the conversations such as ask questions or just give input. My overall experience I highly recommend Raw Wisdom from Can We Talk Life Coaching. She is knowledgeable, informative, caring and she holds no cut cards. She has told me plenty of times that I was wrong and she explains why. Until this day I still call Raw for advise or just to chat. As I stated she is a good listener."
Angela Allen