Can We Talk Raw Wisdom

CEO and Founder

Dr. Rachel Pope


  • Certified Life Coach- Spencer Institute 2019
  • Non-Profit Management -Duke University 2021
  • Motivational Speaker- Spencer Institute 2022
  • Published Author in 2019- The Extraordinary Makeover
  • “Hidden Expressions of the Everyday Woman”


Rachel A. Pope, also known as “Raw Wisdom,” is a highly motivated wife, mother of seven beautiful and strong-minded girls, Motivational Speaker, Certified Life Strategies Coach, and Author. The list of her accreditations and accomplishments is lengthy, but the true testament of Raw’s talent lies within how she has overcome her personal life experiences and transferred them into coaching sessions and outreach programs.

Raw Wisdom’s life motto of Mind of Matter and Walk your Walk has led her to her calling of helping others be the best versions of themselves. In 2018, Rachel founded Can We Talk LLC Coaching Services commonly referred to as CWT. Can We Talk provides personal development, family meditation, relationship and business coaching services. Along with her husband James Pope, They have expanded CWT with a non-profit organization called Can We Talk LIfe.


Work Life Balance

Learning how to create a healthy work life balance is essential to leading a happy and productive lifestyle. We can teach you how to build realistic boundaries.


Identify Weaknesses?

Professional development is not all about working on your strengths. Identifying your weaknesses and working on them can be one of the most rewarding things you can do for your career. Let us help you!


Challenge Yourself

A lack of confidence or belief in your own abilities and an underlying fear of failure can hold you back. We will assist you with processes to challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone. What you thought you couldn't do you will discover that you can.


Get organized

Create a clear workspace. Remove distractions so that you can spend more time on important tasks and accomplishing your goals.

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