Can We Talk Raw Wisdom

We Accept Most Insurance

Business Professional Coaching & Consulting Services

  1. Observe your business for up to one week
  2. Offer tools to enhance your company
  3. Meet and discuss with staff the importance of communication, skills, and work ethic
  4. Coach you on how to build and maintain a winning team
  5. Provide you with tools to keep a winning team
  6. Assure that you will see a difference once training is completed
  7. Extend self coaching to all supervisors and leadership.​​
  • Book now and CWT can provide you with:
  • Communication Skills, Advice, New Skills,
  • Winning Techniques, Extraordinary, Time Management, Advancement, Listening Skills, Keys

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Special Rates for Specialized Coaching

We offer packages for a variety of needs. All of our coaching sessions are flexible and fully customizable depending on the circumstances and experiences of each specific client. Setting up payment plans is a great choices to help you manage the challenges in life. Give me a call so we can come up with your personalized coaching package together.

Payments for any of the rates & packages can also be made with Cash App & Paypal

Business - Profitable Growth

In-Person $175 hourly / Remote $150 hourly

  1. Profitable Growth
  2. Business Operation – $250.00 consultation fee and $1000.00 monthly for small business. Price varies on size of business.

Save Money with Multiple Sessions

Prices May Vary. (Remote is also available)

  1. Business- Business Operations or Profitable Growth. Sign up for 3 months starting at $3500.00 prices varies on location and size of business.

We Accept Most Insurance

We Accept Most Insurance